Earth Caller – Crystal Death (Review)

Earth CallerEarth Caller are an Australian metallic hardcore band and this is their second album.

Earth Caller’s metallic hardcore operates more on the hardcore side of the trenches, but that doesn’t mean that their beefy metallic content should be discarded, however. Continue reading “Earth Caller – Crystal Death (Review)”

Interview with Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones

The debut album from Hollow Bones is a furiously energetic beast of modern heaviness and bright melodies. Blending honest aggression and dark emotion, Lionheart is an untamed beast that revels in its freedom to roam where it wants. Singer Patrick Anthony spoke eloquently about his band, his album, and about the ubiquity of loss…

Introduce us to Hollow Bones!

Hi! Hollow Bones is Patrick (me), Sharon, Andrew, Connor, and Kyle. I do vocals, Sharon plays guitar and does vocals, Kyle plays bass and does vocals, Andrew plays guitar, and Connor plays drums!

I didn’t realise it at first, but I actually have Edenborn’s Twentyone Eightythree – what’s the story behind your change in name?

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Hollow Bones – Lionheart (Review)

Hollow BonesThis is the début album from this US hardcore/metal band.

Hollow Bones play modern metalcore, but with a little bit of a twist. Essentially the band take the tried-and-true NWOAHM metalcore template and put their spin on it through force of passion, a heightened emotive melodicism, and captivating female vocals.

The songs are enjoyably heavy slabs of metal with lots of tasty riffs. The guitars have Continue reading “Hollow Bones – Lionheart (Review)”