Xibalba – Diablo, Con Amor… Adios. (Review)

XibalbaXibalba are a US metalcore band and this is their latest EP.

I liked 2015’s Tierra y Libertad, and on this new short EP, Xibalba continue the theme of merging death metal, hardcore and sludge metal influences together to create some monstrously heavy metallic music.

So here we have 11 minutes of heavy death metal and hardcore churned together with furious energy. Sludge riffs are deployed into this mix like tactical nukes, adding an even heavier, sicker slant to their already crushing assault.

Have I mentioned that this is heavy? No? Well it is. The songs on this EP have a very weighty production and even when the band are playing the faster material you can feel the density of the guitars.

Death metal speed, hardcore beatdowns and sludge metal avalanches mean that these tracks have all of the angles covered when it comes to intensity and demolishing delivery.

The music still has a 90s tinge to it that I adore, recalling a mix of bands like Obituary, Crowbar, Konkhra, Morbid Angel, Merauder and Madball.

Very, very tasty. As EPs go this has everything you want for a short, heavy and brutal hit of aggression.

Highly recommended.

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