From the Vastland – The Haft Khan (Review)

From the Vastland - The Haft KhanFrom the Vastland is a one man Iranian/Norwegian black metal band and this is his sixth album.

We’re familiar with From the Vastland’s work – both 2016’s Chamrosh and 2018’s Daevayasna were enjoyable examples of classic blackened fury. The Haft Khan provides us with another seven songs in a similar vein; 46 minutes of new material to enjoy.

And enjoy we do.

I find From the Vastland’s work effortlessly enjoyable, and always look forward to some new material from this reliable act, (once again rounded out by members of bands such as Horizon Ablaze and Gaahl’s Wyrd).

The songs are easy to absorb if you’re a fan of the style. Influenced by the second wave, yet featuring enough modern elements to keep itself relevant, this is a collection of tracks that spit venom and breathe fire. The release is a concept album, and Persian influences are used well across the running time.

Based on an underpinning framework of fiery speed and engaging melodies, the songs are well-written and combine aggression and atmosphere well. When the music slows down the quality levels don’t, with spiky riffs leading the way like barbed harbingers of destruction. Occasional lighter or more atmospheric sections add texture, and overall the album flows very nicely.

The vocals sound exactly as you’d want them to, viciously tearing out of the music with high screams and deeper roars. The singer sounds better than ever.

There’s nothing here not to like as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I’d probably go as far as to say that this is better than the previous two releases, (which themselves were no slackers in the quality department). Another strong, (strongest?), album from an underrated band. Make sure you check out The Haft Khan.

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