Nordjevel – Fenriir (Review)

Nordjevel - FenriirNordjevel are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their latest EP.

This EP contains two new songs exclusive to this release, one new song that will be on the band’s upcoming album, a live track, and a cover of a Possessed song. All told, it’s 23 minutes of material.

Nordjevel play cold black metal that’s aggressive and harsh. It’s primarily fast and nasty, and occasionally benefits from some of death metal’s muscularity here and there in some of the riffs.

Of the three new songs, they’re all professional and well-composed pieces that offer up a brutal version of blackened darkness. The tracks bleakly sparkle with demonic sentience as they rip and tear with bladed claws. Vicious melodies lash out from the tornado of riffs and punishing drums, lacerating the listener. The style may be ultimately an old one, but Nordjevel play it well and these songs hit the spot quite nicely. Gnawing the Bones is the song that we’ll meet again in some future album, and it makes me look forward to hearing this.

The Possessed cover of Fallen Angel works well, and the live cut boasts a strong sound and performance.

I enjoy the EP format, and Fenriir makes good use of it, offering a decent overview of Nordjevel in 2021, as well as a picture of where they’ve come from. I look forward to hearing from them again in the future.

Check this out.

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