Marduk – Viktoria (Review)

MardukMarduk are a legendary Swedish black metal band and this is their fourteenth album.

Viktoria has a duration of 33 minutes and finds Marduk in fine fiery form.

As you would expect from a band as experienced as this one, Viktoria is as well-written and delivered as you would want. The band have nailed their own style and sound many, many years ago, yet still manage to evolve and develop with each release. Every album they unleash on the world has its own distinct personality and feeling, and Viktoria is no different.

The music on this album is generally raw and direct, powered by a very energetic enthusiasm that comes through in all of the songs in one way or another.

Marduk have always managed to write music that has a great deal of instant appeal, while also delivering plenty of depth and substance. Once again, Viktoria is no different in this regard. Although not as long or diverse as some of their albums have been over the years, there’s still a decent amount of variety to be had here, and whatever they get up to you know it’s going to be catchier and more memorable than the output of most black metal bands.

Whether it’s scathing blast beats or malignant groove, the guitars on a Marduk album are always a highlight for me. In a running theme, Viktoria is no different here either, and there’s plenty of meat to get your teeth into. The band’s brutal blackened assault is very well-received by yours truly, and when they slow to a crawling doom-infected pace, or simply unleash some mid-paced carnage, it’s all delivered with a level of energy, passion, and excitement that’s great to hear. Some of the melodies that the band deploy are destructively beautiful.

The drumming sounds very organic and unforced, while the band’s charismatic singer is as on form as he ever is. Top stuff.

Viktoria is a high quality continuation of the Marduk legacy, and a very worthy addition to the band’s musical arsenal.

Very highly recommended.

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