Nattverd – Vi Vet Gud Er En Løgner (Review)

NattverdNattverd are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their debut album.

This is traditional, orthodox black metal, influenced by the second wave and featuring the darkest and foulest strains of the blackened plague.

Now, underground black metal bands are not exactly rare, especially ones that play the traditional style, so why should you bother with Nattverd? Well, what sets Vi Vet Gud Er En Løgner apart from many of its peers is the sheer quality of the songs and its bristling, hate-filled attitude. Nattverd couldn’t care less about whether you listen to them or not, but the plain and simple fact is that you should, as this is an album of bold confidence and malevolent allure.

The songs combine dark fury, grim atmospherics, and scathing melodies into a surprisingly varied and well-differentiated collection of tracks. At only 39 minutes long the album is a satisfying listen and doesn’t outstay its welcome. In fact, I could probably easily have taken an extra track or two.

Whether the songs are blasting at full speed, galloping ahead with lethal intent, or settling into a malignant groove, they’re always well-written and spend their playing time wisely. There’s no filler on this album, and each track commits 100% to the cause.

Featuring a good mix of icy aggression, cold atmosphere, and frosted melodies, Vi Vet Gud Er En Løgner is a strong and well-rounded release that has a lot of replay value.

Vi Vet Gud Er En Løgner has impressed. This is an album that gets better the more you spin it.

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