Enepsigos – Plague of Plagues (Review)

EnepsigosThis is the debut album from Norwegian black metallers Enepsigos.

Plague of Plagues contans almost an hour of visceral, aggressive black metal, the likes of which is likely to cause anyone nearby to wilt under its fiery assault.

The songs on this release are fast and furious, but not without atmosphere or nuance when needed. Almost an hour of blasting chaos might get a tad repetitive over time, so the band wisely mix things up with everything from slow, atmospheric sections, to parts with rhythmic blackened groove, to lethal speedier riff-fests.

The songs mix simplicity and complexity well, sometimes favouring more of one facet of their delivery over the other depending on the needs of the song. The individuals behind this music are clearly talented and skilled at producing their dark art, and the songs benefit from the approach they take.

With occult, ritualistic vibes, Plague of Plagues succeeds in creating malevolent atmospheres, taking elements of the old-school second wave style of black metal and merging them with more esoteric, sophisticated, dissonant, and modern influences. Dark melodies and grim atmospheres are both used well throughout the release, enhancing the band’s layered assault by providing additional texture and depth to the music.

The vocals are scathing and sharp, full of barbed attitude and serrated danger. The singer’s performance is right where you would want it to be for an album like this.

The entire package is rounded off by a strong production that allows the band’s dark lights to shine bleakly, without sacrificing any of their inherent blackened aesthetics. It’s well-judged and does the power of the music justice.

Quality music from a quality band. Highly recommended.

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