Golgata – Tempel (Review)

Golgata - TempelThis is the second album from Swedish black metallers Golgata.

Golgata play melodic black metal, and Tempel contains 37 minutes of enjoyably energetic aggression. The material is mostly fast and melodically-charged. Leads wind around classic blackened guitars like serpents, and the band forge their sound out of the twin bedrocks of blackened melody and old-school rhythmic speed.

The album is textured with additional ideas and creative flourishes too, which build on the classic Swedish black metal template. This might manifest itself in a keyboard part here, an acoustic section there, some male Bathory/Viking-esque cleans here, a track led by female singing there, or a number of other examples that can be found across the album. It all helps hold the listener’s interest, adding depth to the band’s delivery. I like that although the core of the band’s music lies in melodic black metal Golgata don’t limit themselves to this, employing tricks and tools from the Bathory toolkit to great effect.

I enjoyed Tempel very much. It’s the sort of album that looks relatively unassuming upon first encounter, but don’t let this fool you; Tempel has a lot to offer the discerning metal fan.

A recommended listen.

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