Shodan – Protocol of Dying (Review)

ShodanThis is the début album by Shodan, a death metal band from Poland.

Shodan play modern death metal for the most part, but also incorporate a myriad of other influences and ideas into this atypical release.

The interesting thing about this band is how they develop their style for each song; it all revolves around a modern core of solid death metal, but each track uses this in its own way and incorporates different elements from non-standard death metal sources too. This could include groove, melodic and thrash metal, technical metal playing, or even elements of progressive metal, including more atypical moments of avant-garde styles, clean singing and keyboards on occasion.

The singer has a very appropriate and diverse voice for the work he’s engaged in, showing a wide range of different vocal styles across the album’s 40 minutes. Everything from growls to shouts to semi-cleans to clean vocals are used, with the vast majority of the delivery being hard and gruff, as you would expect from the main style the band play.

Featuring a strong production, this is a lean, muscular killing machine that uses many different methods to get the job done. The band can clearly play too, and the recording shows this off to great effect.

This is quite an ambitious album in scope. It’s great to see a death metal band that’s willing to push the envelope a bit and not be afraid to play different styles within their core one. Protocol of Dying has a lot of interesting ideas and more often than not succeeds in seeing them to fruition.

With well-written songs and some striking arrangements, this is very impressive and very enjoyable. Just think – this is only the band’s début album and already they are obviously capable of so much more than a lot of their peers. What might they achieve in the future? I suspect great things, and with the right label backing they could make quite an impact on the global metal scene.

Ones to keep an eye on, that’s for sure. That, and make sure you get hold of Protocol of Dying.

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