Dead Ficus – Rise or Fall (Review)

Dead FicusDead Ficus are a Metal band from France and this is their debut album.

Dead Ficus play a form of melodic metal/rock that features harsh vocals and some nice keyboard accompaniment.

The singer has quite a nasty bark to him, which juxtaposes nicely against the music which is melodic and atmospheric. I was actually expecting clean vocals from this band, for some reason, so I like his voice all the more for not being what I expected. He has a hardcore element to his voice that I find quite endearing, reminding me of some of the Trustkill Records bands in the early 00s.

The album has a professional sound and you can even hear the bass guitar. Everything sounds clear and bright. Rise or Fall has a better production than some high-profile releases.

The songs are well-written and the band have an ear for a good riff and an enjoyable melody. I also like the combination of brighter, upbeat moments that are delivered with more plaintive or despondent melodies or riffs.

There’s a lot of variety and high-calibre content on this album. Dead Ficus have shown themselves to be really talented at this kind of music, and they’re easily up there with the much bigger names in terms of quality and impact.

This puts me in mind of European melodic death metal that has a rock/depressive metal side to it, as well as an influence from bands like Ghost Brigade or older Poison the Well. It’s very well done and very, very enjoyable.

Well, for a release that has essentially come out of nowhere, Dead Ficus have really impressed. This is a top quality collection of songs that are both catchy and memorable. The band have a firm emotive base, but also know how to play hard and heavy when they need to, without ever losing the colour and texture of the songs.

On the one hand I would be absolutely shocked if Dead Ficus weren’t picked up by one of the bigger record labels on the strength of this album, but on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if they disappeared without a trace, as, sadly, good music doesn’t always get noticed and supported like it should be.

We hope for the former, of course, but either way, this is very, very nice indeed. Check it out.

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