Interview with Defiatory

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Defiatory are a thrash metal band from Sweden that have released a rather storming debut album called Extinct. Combining thrash’s classic sound with a more modern style, it’s a really strong first release, and one that I’ve been spinning rather more than I expected to. There’s something very catchy and more-ish about it, which is as it should be for any good metal album of this type. I took the opportunity to find out more about this new band…

Introduce us to Defiatory!

Defiatory is a band from Umeå, Sweden. Established in 2015. We started as a two piece band, recording demos for fun. But we got a lot of good reviews on our demo tracks and thought what the hell, lets make something out of this. And here we are!

What are your influences?

Early 90’s bay area thrash metal such as: Exodus, Metallica, Testament, Megadeth and the likes.

What inspires you about thrash metal?

Mainly the riffs and arrangements in songs. The rawness that makes thrash metal is to keep it simple and to the point.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

King Diamond, Kreator, Anthrax, Vader and Sportlov.

Tell us about Extinct

Well, itis our debut album. We worked on this album for over a year, including all the demos and recording of the album. We aimed for a theme-like booklet where every song has a specific artwork to it. We liked to have a mixture between fast and mid-tempo songs.


Tell us about the album art – do you think artwork is important to the average music fan these days?

Artwork is everything. It’s the first thing you see when you’re about to buy an album. If the artwork is awesome, maybe you sell a couple of extra albums that way. Mark, who did the artwork, has put in a lot of time and effort to this one.

How were the songs written?

We always starts of during a riff. I made all songs on this album musically. When I had spare time in the studio in between mixing sessions I picked up the guitar and made songs for Defiatory. Then Martin joined up in the studio writing lyrics and recorded them as a demo, and for the album we re-did everything.

How did the recording process go?

As I have my own studio we recorded everything there. Jon Skäre recorded his own drums in his rehearsal room and sent us the tracks, then we started to layer all instruments on there. I recorded all rhythm guitars x4, Ludvid played all solos besides the guest solos of course, Martin played a couple of bass tracks at the time and recorded all vocals. We had three guest musicians as well, our friend Christian Ävlestam put on some massive backing vocals, Stehpan Gebédi from Hail of Bullets recorded a solo on the opening track “The Final Conflict” and Marzi Montazeri recorded a solo on the track “Extinct”.

Defiatory Band

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

I must say the track Extinct. Just because I think that track has all elements of a good thrash metal song.

Do you have any upcoming live shows planned?

We are currently looking for a booking agency that can put us out on the road. Hopefully we are able to play across Europe soon!

What are the next steps for Defiatory?

Playing as much live as possible and supporting our debut release.

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