Eradikal Insane – Mithra (Review)

Eradikal InsaneEradikal Insane are a French death metal band and this is their debut album.

Eradikal Insane play modern death metal that’s high-impact and straight to the point.

The band vary the speeds that they operate in, but always go full-on regardless of what they do. The fast parts are very fast, the mid-paced grooves are generously dense and the breakdown-styled sections are heavy and crushing. Continue reading “Eradikal Insane – Mithra (Review)”

Kronos – Arisen New Era (Review)

KronosKronos are a French Death Metal band and this is their fourth album.

I’ve heard enough French Death Metal by now to expect good things from bands who are from there, and Kronos don’t disappoint.

This is Brutal Death Metal that wastes no time in crashing into your life as soon as you press play, ready to take over and ruin everything with its aural destruction.

This is precise, modern and professionally executed Death Metal. The band have a top quality production and everything sounds razor sharp, massively in-your-face and as deeply satisfying as only Death Metal can be sometimes.

Crisp solos, hyperspeed riffs, rhythmic guitars and pummelling licks all rage and tear their way through the 37 minutes of music. As undeniably impressive as everything guitar-oriented is on this release, the rest of the instruments are equally important, with the drums in particular sounding especially nicely done.

The vocals are impenetrably deep deathgrunts that are as impeccably delivered as the rest of the musical onslaught.

I love this kind of Death Metal, I can’t deny it. It has enough modern verve to be cutting edge but enough components of Classic Death Metal to have longevity and depth. Couple that with the insane blasting brutality that the band do so well and I’m sold completely.

A Brutal Death Metal masterclass.