Great Reversals – Mere Mortals (Review)

Great ReversalsGreat Reversals are a US hardcore band and this is their debut album.

After an impressively striking EP, Natural Burial, I was pleased that Great Reversals had returned with their first full-length.

Great Reversals play heavyweight hardcore that has a distinct 90s feel. This is blended with a touch of metal and a few post-hardcore elements here and there.

The band sound heavy, forceful and pissed. With a rock-hard sound, these tracks pummel and crush the listener with big riffs and even bigger energy.

One of the strengths of this release is the riffs and how they’re arranged. A good balance is achieved between heavy, mosh-friendly sections and more emotive guitars designed to add extra feeling to proceedings.

The singer has a satisfying shout that uses catchy rhythms and plenty of personality to drive the songs forward. His voice has a curious aspect to it that I can’t quite put my finger on…it’s something to do with a quality in his voice that makes it unusual, although I can’t quite articulate what it is. I imagine it would be quite a polarising voice in some ways, with some people not taking to it so much, although I could be wrong as I’m not 100% sure why I think this. Ah well, the mysteries of musical taste!

Overall, Great Reversals have produced a very enjoyable album of heavy hardcore that has an emotive quality to it. Check it out.

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