Shodan – Death, Rule over Us (Review)

Shodan - Death, Rule Over UsThis is the second album by Shodan, a death metal band from Poland.

2016’s Protocol of Dying was a very memorable and enjoyable album, one that stood out for its quality and variety. Four years later the band are now back with Death, Rule over Us, containing 41 minutes of music that improves on their already capable style. Continue reading “Shodan – Death, Rule over Us (Review)”

Shodan – Protocol of Dying (Review)

ShodanThis is the début album by Shodan, a death metal band from Poland.

Shodan play modern death metal for the most part, but also incorporate a myriad of other influences and ideas into this atypical release.

The interesting thing about this band is how they develop their style for each song; it all revolves around a modern core of solid death metal, but each track uses this in its own way and incorporates different elements from Continue reading “Shodan – Protocol of Dying (Review)”