Witch Vomit – A Scream from the Tomb Below (Review)

Witch VomitThis is the début album from US death metal band Witch Vomit.

This is 31 minutes of old-school death metal that sounds as if it was torn straight out of the 90s.

Witch Vomit take the Swedish death metal sound and add Continue reading “Witch Vomit – A Scream from the Tomb Below (Review)”

Narvik – Ascension to Apotheosis (Review)

NarvikNarvik are a German black metal band and this is their second album.

Grim black metal screams make up the bulk of the vocal output on this release. The singer has depth to his voice and is a shade deeper and stranger than is traditional.

The guitars have that nicely blackened tone to them; sharp Continue reading “Narvik – Ascension to Apotheosis (Review)”

Interview with Gutter Instinct

Gutter Instinct Logo

Age of the Fanatics is Gutter Instinct’s début album, and what an album it is. Their ability to merge Swedish death metal with evil blackened auras has proven to be a stroke of twisted genius, and Age of the Fanatics is definitely one to keep returning to again and again.

Curious to find out more about a band with one of the most diabolical sounds around, Hannes, (rhythm guitars), and Oscar, (lead guitars), were kind enough to give me a tour of the Hellish landscapes that they have created… Continue reading “Interview with Gutter Instinct”

Psycho Scream – Gnosis (Review)

Psycho ScreamThis is the début album from this Italian death/thrash metal band.

Gnosis mixes the death and thrash styles and adds a bit of progressive metal into the mix as well.

The songs merge their thrash and death metal heritages together, taking aspects from both and adding some progressive structures into the gritty mix. There are some classic metal Continue reading “Psycho Scream – Gnosis (Review)”

0N0 – Reconstruction and Synthesis (Review)

0N0This is the second album from this Slovakian industrial death/doom band.

Now this is an interesting release.

0N0 combine the industrial, death metal and doom genres together, creating an album that has aspects of all weaved into its genes.

How to classify this? Well, extreme metal is the easy cop out, and as these things don’t ultimately matter that much, I suppose that will do. Industrial death/doom is more specific, of course, but there we are.

Think of the something like Continue reading “0N0 – Reconstruction and Synthesis (Review)”

Druids – Cycles of Mobeum (Review)

DruidsDruids are a doom/sludge metal band from the US and this is their latest album.

Druids take elements of modern bands like Mastodon and Behold! The Monolith and infuse them with an earlier style of doom and blues, as produced by bands like Earth and Black Sabbath.

There’s a quality level of musicianship on Cycles of Mobeum, and this Continue reading “Druids – Cycles of Mobeum (Review)”

Inculcator – Void Abecedary (Review)

InculcatorInculcator is a one-man UK black metal project. This is his début album.

With roots firmly growing out of the distant 80s, this is black metal with thrash influences. Or thrash metal with blackened influences. Who cares; turn up the volume, press play and revel in the ridiculously OTT 80s nature of this thoroughly endearing release.

The recording has a wonderfully cosmic edge, surely influenced by Continue reading “Inculcator – Void Abecedary (Review)”

Omnicide – Constants and Variables (Review)

OmnicideThis is the second album from this Swiss death metal band.

This is 34 minutes of modern death metal that effectively combines speed and groove.

Cannibal Corpse-esque riffs mix with elements of deathcore and bands like The Kennedy Veil and Origin, as well as sprinklings of thrash metal here and there. The resultant music sounds like none of the above bands too much, although you can hear where their influences come from. That the band can clearly acknowledge Continue reading “Omnicide – Constants and Variables (Review)”

Snake Tongue – Raptor’s Breath (Review)

Snake TongueThis is the début album from Swedish hardcore band Snake Tongue.

Snake Tongue play modern chaotic hardcore with a violent punk edge to it, recalling a cross between Converge, All Pigs Must Die and Botch.

Heavy, rhythmic hardcore merges together with Continue reading “Snake Tongue – Raptor’s Breath (Review)”

Interview with Battle Path

Battle Path Logo

Battle Path’s latest album Ambedo sees the band expanding their sound into wider arenas, creating an extremely enjoyable 47 minutes that improves upon their already impressive earlier work. I managed to have a chat with the band about their latest release and its place in the grand scheme of things…

How did Battle Path form?

Battle Path formed out the ashes of Murfreesboro band Under the Earth. It originally started as a drone project with Casey, Todd, and Nathan, very shortly afterward Chase and Adam joined, and that is how Storm and Stress was created. After time, Chase moving and Casey having an injury that prevented him from drumming, it evolved into what it is today. Continue reading “Interview with Battle Path”