Narvik – Ascension to Apotheosis (Review)

NarvikNarvik are a German black metal band and this is their second album.

Grim black metal screams make up the bulk of the vocal output on this release. The singer has depth to his voice and is a shade deeper and stranger than is traditional.

The guitars have that nicely blackened tone to them; sharp and frosted, with dark melodies streaking off out of the music like arcs of lightning.

The speed is varied enough throughout the album, with slower, mid-paced and fast sections all having their places.

Ascension to Apotheosis has a good recording; clean and powerful enough to accentuate the band’s music, but without blunting their deliver or making the band sound stale. Their dark vision comes through loud and clear.

I have enjoyed this. Mystical, occult black metal that’s performed with no frills and no messing around, but with a strong, modern delivery.


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