Druids – Cycles of Mobeum (Review)

DruidsDruids are a doom/sludge metal band from the US and this is their latest album.

Druids take elements of modern bands like Mastodon and Behold! The Monolith and infuse them with an earlier style of doom and blues, as produced by bands like Earth and Black Sabbath.

There’s a quality level of musicianship on Cycles of Mobeum, and this is frequently highlighted by the very enjoyable solos that are peeled off with ease. The rest of the band are no slouches either, and I especially like an album where you can not only hear the bass, but where it also does some interesting things too.

I like the style this band has. You can clearly hear the modern influences from bands like Mastodon, Red Fang, Baroness, Black Tusk and the like, but there’s also nods to the older, original incarnation of the style too. Blues and proto-metal/doom influences abound, making Cycles of Mobeum a very complete package.

The vocalist angrily shouts out his lyrics with abandon, emphatically supporting the music with his snarling voice.

The recording is an earthy one that has a laid back vibe, perfectly complementing the band’s material. It makes for a very enjoyable listen, and Cycles of Mobeum is nothing if not satisfying.

A great combination of old and new. Very highly recommended.

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