0N0 – Reconstruction and Synthesis (Review)

0N0This is the second album from this Slovakian industrial death/doom band.

Now this is an interesting release.

0N0 combine the industrial, death metal and doom genres together, creating an album that has aspects of all weaved into its genes.

How to classify this? Well, extreme metal is the easy cop out, and as these things don’t ultimately matter that much, I suppose that will do. Industrial death/doom is more specific, of course, but there we are.

Think of the something like Anaal Nathrakh mixed together with Behemoth, Strapping Young Lad and Mithras; then stir in dollops of Incantation meets Monolithe; add a selection of keyboard layers, industrial sounds and even some ethereal clean vocals, and you’ll have a starting point for 0N0’s dark vision. It’s a beguiling and compelling mixture that sees the band create 49 minutes of engaging music.

The songs have depth and longevity built into them, and needless to say – there’s a lot going on here. Take any individual track and there’s probably more ideas in it than a lot of bands have in an album. Importantly though, all of these ideas are finely-realised, and Reconstruction and Synthesis has a lot to offer the listener.

A strong production and a decent album cover rounds off the package quite nicely.

Well, I think this is definitely going to become quite a firm favourite of mine. It’s one of those albums that you can instantly recognise how good it is when you first listen to it, but it just keeps growing in your estimation like a foul, addictive plague the more you listen to it.

This is pretty much a must have.

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