Everest Queen – Dead Eden (Review)

Everest Queen - Dead EdenThis is the debut album from Everest Queen, a sludge metal band from the UK.

Having enjoyed 2016’s self titled debut EP it’s good to have a full length from the band now. This is progressive sludge metal, with an imposing presence and plenty of riffs. The band’s promo blurb states that this is for fans of High on Fire, Om, Mastodon, and Isis, and it’s hard to disagree. Continue reading

Everest Queen – Everest Queen (Review)

Everest QueenThis is the debut EP from Everest Queen, a sludge metal band from the UK.

The first song, Ascent, sets out Everest Queen’s love of heaviness in no uncertain terms. At just over a minute in length it’s just an intro track, a warm up for the two main events to come. Continue reading