Rezn – Solace (Review)

Rezn - SolaceThis is the fourth album from US psychedelic doom/stoner band Rezn.

Rezn’s sound combines the base elements of stoner, doom, and heavy psych into music that is far more adventurous and idiosyncratic than that of many ostensibly similar acts. For a start, there’s a shimmering shoegaze influence apparent on Solace that’s unexpected, but that manages to work its way into much of the material here.

Solace offers the sort of involved and intricate atmospheric journey that’s rarely encountered. Rezn are less interested in sugary instant appeal. Instead, they cook up music that’s tasty, satisfying, and long-lasting. Solace is a slow burn that weaves its mood-focused spell over time, and has the sort of atmospheric depths that pull the listener in and hold them close. Towering riffs work with lighter introspective ambience to create vibrant vistas of exploratory sound. Solace focuses on mood and atmosphere, building soundscapes of rich texture that are hypnotic in their delivery.

Rezn excel at doomy psychedelic expressions that ebb and flow as the music unfolds with patient gravitas. Woven tightly around the standard instruments are a variety of other non-standard sounds which are fully embedded and essential to the success of Solace. Delicate synths layer the music with sheets of ephemeral emotive depth that are vital to the rest of the music. The use of saxophone adds another element to Rezn’s tapestry of sound, and piano and flute also make appearances where needed. Rezn have a broad base from which to build their compositions, and it all comes together and gels into material that’s compelling and absorbing.

Solace is an accomplished release that offers up an atypical experience for fans of the style. Far more well-developed and atmospheric than you would typically find, Rezn have crafted an album of depth and substance that’s ripe for rich exploration.

Very highly recommended.


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