Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence (Review)

Vomit Forth - Seething MalevolenceThis is the debut album from Vomit Forth, a death metal band from the US.

Vomit Forth play brutal death metal that’s punishing and unforgiving. Across a very compact and lean 29 minutes the band deal out death and carnage to all that come before them. Continue reading “Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence (Review)”

Ohio Slamboys – Chop x Drill x Kill (Review)

Ohio Slamboys - Chop x Drill x KillThis is the second album from Ohio Slamboys, a brutal death metal band from France.

The first Ohio Slamboys album – Zombie Killing Process – was a fun frolic into zombie-infested territories, and Chop x Drill x Kill carries on this theme. Across 32 minutes the band chop, kill, and drill, (ahem), their way through meaty brutal death metal slam with the enthusiasm of people who really love their grisly work. Continue reading “Ohio Slamboys – Chop x Drill x Kill (Review)”

Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence (Review)

Internal BleedingInternal Bleeding are a brutal death metal band from the US and this is their sixth album.

2014’s Imperium was a damn good barrage of brutality, but now, four years and one tragedy later, The Internal Bleeding of 2018 sound revitalised, energetic, and hungry for blood. Continue reading “Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence (Review)”

Throne of Botis – Hymns of Homicide (Review)

Throne of BotisThrone of Botis are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut EP.

This is brutal death metal in the American style, with plenty of weight and muscularity in their sound. For fans of Defeated Sanity, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, etc.

The band offer up 17 minutes of Continue reading “Throne of Botis – Hymns of Homicide (Review)”

Visceral Throne – Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God (Review)

Visceral ThroneVisceral Throne are a Death Metal band from the US. This is their second release.

The band play Brutal Death Metal, for fans of bands such as Defeated Sanity, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Visceral Bleeding, Birth Through Gore, Abnormality, etc.

This latest EP features 5 tracks, three of which are original songs, one is an intro and the last is a cover of an Internal Suffering track. At 14 minutes in length it’s short, but who needs it to be any longer when it’s this ripping and slamming and blasting and stuff?

The songs get in, do their damage, and then get out; quick, clean and efficient. There are quite a few meaty chops to go around and the guitarist seems to know his stuff. The bass sound warms my heart too, as it’s always nice to hear this oft-neglected instrument. Little spikes of melody do appear here and there, but these are very few and far between.

The singer’s brutal growling is quite daemonic and inhuman, exactly as we would expect from a band like this. He’s clearly had plenty of practice, and it shows.

This is a good introduction to a band I didn’t know before. It’s a small-but-satisfying release that showcases a Brutal Death Metal band who play the classic American style well.

Check them out.

Convictors – Envoys of Extinction (Review)

ConvictorsThis is the début album of Death Metallers Convictors who are from Germany.

Convictors play Old-School 90’s-style Death Metal with a crushing production and raging beats.

The melodic leads and heavy riffs work with the solid drumming to create enjoyable songs. Blast beats pound and guitars rage; Convictors play song-based Death Metal where a lot of thought has clearly gone into the formulation of the songs and the riffs.

Songs like Angel of Impurity show that the band can slam and groove their way with the best of them. It’s also a good example of their bassist being heard too, which is always a nice treat.

There really are some solid riffs here. It all sounds huge and as mentioned previously the band are not without songwriting talent. The end result is an enjoyable Death Metal album that shows how the style easily blows away lesser forms of music.

The vocals are deeper-than-deep growls that seem to blank out everything else when they’re present. He has the kind of voice that sends posers and wannabes running for safety.

I’ve really enjoyed this album. Check them out and see what you think.

For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Tortharry, Verdict, Supreme Lord, Six Feet Under, Immolation, Internal Bleeding, etc., etc. – loud, heavy Death Metal!

Internal Bleeding – Imperium (Review)

Internal BleedingInternal Bleeding are from the US and this is their fifth album. They play Brutal Death Metal.

This is Death Metal that prizes brutality and heaviness above all else. Internal Bleeding were one of the earliest bands who took a so-called Slam approach to Death Metal and this latest album continues this trend.

This means they play heavy Death Metal with lots of chugging and groove mixed in with the blasting; plenty of double bass and mid-paced mosh-friendly chugfests to get you moving around and bouncing like a loon. It’s infectious stuff.

The obvious comparisons would be bands like Dying Fetus and Suffocation, but Internal Bleeding cradle their own inner monster and deliver a collection of songs that really just want to be let loose to rip your face off.

The songs are rabid and nearly unhinged; there’s a very real impression of a band being hungry and wanting to prove themselves. After all it’s been 10 years since their previous album and there’s now a lot more competition in the Brutal Death Metal world than ever before. Based on the evidence here though Internal Bleeding have a made a more than welcome return to the fray and can easily still cut it amongst the newer breed.

Play Imperium at full volume, then quickly get out of its way as it destroys everything nearby.