Convictors – Envoys of Extinction (Review)

ConvictorsThis is the début album of Death Metallers Convictors who are from Germany.

Convictors play Old-School 90’s-style Death Metal with a crushing production and raging beats.

The melodic leads and heavy riffs work with the solid drumming to create enjoyable songs. Blast beats pound and guitars rage; Convictors play song-based Death Metal where a lot of thought has clearly gone into the formulation of the songs and the riffs.

Songs like Angel of Impurity show that the band can slam and groove their way with the best of them. It’s also a good example of their bassist being heard too, which is always a nice treat.

There really are some solid riffs here. It all sounds huge and as mentioned previously the band are not without songwriting talent. The end result is an enjoyable Death Metal album that shows how the style easily blows away lesser forms of music.

The vocals are deeper-than-deep growls that seem to blank out everything else when they’re present. He has the kind of voice that sends posers and wannabes running for safety.

I’ve really enjoyed this album. Check them out and see what you think.

For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Tortharry, Verdict, Supreme Lord, Six Feet Under, Immolation, Internal Bleeding, etc., etc. – loud, heavy Death Metal!

Tortharry – Follow (Review)

TortharryThis is the eighth album by these Czech Death Metal veterans.

Holy Hell this is good! The first thing you notice is the huge crushing sound. The album sounds absolutely immense. All instruments are clear and the bass is even audible.

There are some hellishly good riffs on this release. From the faster ones to the more devastating slower chugs; by now the band have honed their craft and know how to write a good song. The sense of dynamics and explosive force is strong, with the band doing their utmost to ensure every song is as complete a package as possible.

The vocals brings to mind the singer of Vader; Tortharry’s vocalist has the same kind of clipped growl that has an economy of delivery while remaining as brutal as possible.

After eight albums I have no idea why Tortharry aren’t better known than they are. If their other releases are as tasty as this one then it’s a massive shame that they don’t have a higher profile. They have the sound and songs to challenge the best that the genre has to offer.

After listening to this impressive collection of songs this is definitely a band I am happy to follow.

Samples can be heard here.