Ohio Slamboys – Chop x Drill x Kill (Review)

Ohio Slamboys - Chop x Drill x KillThis is the second album from Ohio Slamboys, a brutal death metal band from France.

The first Ohio Slamboys album – Zombie Killing Process – was a fun frolic into zombie-infested territories, and Chop x Drill x Kill carries on this theme. Across 32 minutes the band chop, kill, and drill, (ahem), their way through meaty brutal death metal slam with the enthusiasm of people who really love their grisly work.

Like the first album, this new one is just pure, unadulterated slamming fun. Brutal grooves, the sort that stomp on skulls without thinking about it, are a hallmark of the Ohio Slamboys sound, and Chop x Drill x Kill is filled with them. The blast beats are almost as effective though to be honest, and they pave the way with steamroller efficacy for the next round of slamming destruction.

The brutality of the music is merciless, and the bouncy grooves and crushing breakdowns are just too huge and infectious to ignore. You can’t stay still when listening to Ohio Slamboys and still have a pulse, which is probably one of the ways the band sort out the zombies from the humans in a crowded room.

The music is well-written and played with skill. It would be easy to write a band like this off as a novelty act, but to do so would be doing them a real disservice. The simple fact is that underneath the image and the zombie theme, the band play brutal slam very, very well. If you are a fan of bands like Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Devourment, and the like, then Chop x Drill x Kill is definitely a record you need to check out.

One for the mosh pits and gyms everywhere. That, and disposing of zombies in the most entertainingly violent ways possible, of course.

Highly recommended.

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