Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (Review)

Dying FetusDying Fetus are a US death metal institution and this is their eighth album.

Dying Fetus are a band that have never released a bad album. In fact, I’d argue that they have only ever released great albums.

The formula that Dying Fetus struck gold with a long time ago and have been refining ever since has been much imitated, but nothing rivals the masters themselves. The secret to their success is the perfect ratio of brutality-to-technicality-to-catchiness. That they have managed to do this so consistently well over the years is staggering, really.

Dying Fetus know how to be brutal. When they really go for it they’re as unrelentingly savage as anyone out there. This is added to by a technical side which sees them able to unleash some hyper-widdly guitar chaos on the listener at a moment’s notice, shredding and tearing with ease. All of this is backed up by songwriting skills that see the band’s songs be way more catchy than something as extreme and as uncompromising as this probably should be.

And the riffs! Every Dying Fetus album is a veritable feast of huge riffs, the likes of which grab you by the throat and never back down. Hell yeah!

So far I’ve been talking about all of their albums in general, rather than specifically Wrong One to Fuck With. This is because this latest release is so quintessentially Dying Fetus that it instantly feels like you’ve known its brutal charms for many years. From the first moment Fixated on Devastation opens up it’s like the band have never been away and once more we’re on the wild and hideously infectious ride that Dying Fetus excel at.

High energy and equally high impact, every song on this album is classic Dying Fetus, and the entire album is a joy to listen to.

Dying Fetus are back, and they sound as wonderfully extreme as they always do. If you’re a fan of death metal and this album doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what’s going on.


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