Dying – No Mercy for Us (Review)

DyingDying are a Spanish death metal band and this is their second album.

Dying play brutal death metal without compromise of mercy. For fans of Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus, etc.

This is brutal and fierce, with ugly riffs and pummelling grooves. The songs are relentlessly nasty and the band are committed to the cause of ultra-aggression and bloody carnage.

However, one of the good things about the music of Dying is that while they are undeniably brutal and crushing, there’s more to their delivery than simply one-dimensional aggression. The band use melodies well, for example, and are not above throwing in a bit of technicality or even macabre atmosphere into their music. Frequently throughout the album the bass makes an notable and impressive contribution to the music as well.

This all helps to elevate their musical offerings above those of some of their more belligerent peers by providing a bit of extra depth and substance alongside the wanton carnage that they deliver.

The vocals are one slight notch above pignoise, which is just the right amount for them to remain enjoyable for me and not have them descend into the realms of unintentional parody. These are aided and abetted by some competent high-pitched screams.

Although they could do with a stronger drum sound in my opinion, this doesn’t overly hold the band back, and No Mercy for Us is a very strong and enjoyable death metal album.

A recommended listen for fans of brutality who also want a bit of nuance with their destruction.

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