Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence (Review)

Internal BleedingInternal Bleeding are a brutal death metal band from the US and this is their sixth album.

2014’s Imperium was a damn good barrage of brutality, but now, four years and one tragedy later, The Internal Bleeding of 2018 sound revitalised, energetic, and hungry for blood.

So what can you expect on Corrupting Influence…?

BANG! Smashing blast beats tear out all over the shop.

CRASH! The drums hammer you into submission before you have a chance to even raise a fist to defend yourself.

BLAM! Crushing groove rolls over you, smearing your broken body into a bloody paste.

WALLOP! You’re dead. Internal Bleeding are laughing over your corpse as they headbang like maniacs.


In many ways this sums up Corrupting Influence. Don’t go near it unless you are willing to suffer a beatdown. This is the type of death metal that will mow you down without a second thought.

Having said all of that though, there are other occasional moments of musicality included on this album that aren’t squarely aimed at causing damage. For example, although relatively rare, we do get some melody here and there that adds a dash of colour to proceedings. For the most part, however, it’s 36 minutes of chugging, groove-based damage-dealing from the band, and they know their work well.

Bolstered by the type of production that can demolish walls through sheer force, Corrupting Influence is an enjoyable romp through grooving extremity.

Check this out.

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