Ohio Slamboys – Zombie Killing Process (Review)

Ohio Slamboys - Zombie Killing ProcessThis is the debut album from Ohio Slamboys, a brutal death metal band from France.

Now here’s an album that does exactly what it says on the tin. Slamming death metal with a zombie fixation? Why the Hell not! It would be so easy to play this kind of thing badly and end up a generic mess of gore and entrails, but do you know what? This album is just a big old ball of bloody fun.

This probably sounds exactly like you think it does, but honestly, in this case that’s no bad thing. If you mix Dying Fetus, Vulvodynia, and Suffocation you’re on the right track.

Groovy and brutal, shot through with merciless blasting, and weighted down with huge crushing slams, the songs are relentlessly heavy and aggressive. The band know their gory art inside and out, and it’s clear they’ve been paying attention in Undead Awareness class.

Listening to this I can’t help but have a big smile on my face and fight down the near-uncontrollable urge to move violently and unpredictably. It’s also perfect for smashing skulls in the gym.

Music can be many things to many people at many times, and for me, right now, Zombie Killing Process is gloriously enjoyable fun. No, this doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Rather, it picks up the wheel and uses it to pulverise zombies with. What’s not to like?


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