Kontagion – [R-!-E]lentless (Review)

KontagionThis is the second album from Polish industrial metal band Kontagion.

Kontagion play industrial-tinged cybermetal, taking influence from the earlier of strains of the Fear Factory virus, and morphing itself into an altogether darker and more feral breed via some early Slipknot/Mushroomhead influences and a touch of Godflesh, (of which there’s a cover version here of Crush My Soul).

This really does have a late 90s/early 00s feel to it, the likes of which you don’t encounter much these days. The last thing that reminded me so much of this era was World War 3 by Cold Snap, actually. Like that release, [R-!-E]elentless would have been right at home in the nu-metal boom years and would probably have been picked up by a relatively large label looking for something a bit more on the aggressive end of the spectrum.

Heavy grooves dominate with samples, effects and other sounds adding to the industrial urban landscape. The band’s groove metal take on the style is infected with aggressive blast beats here and there, adding a deeper level of extremity, which is nice to hear when it appears.

The vocals consist of shouts, growls, gang vocals and all other manner of abrasive outpourings. Cleans also appear on rare occasions, but these are not the norm for the styles used. They’re done well though when they do appear, which is always a bonus.

I like this album, but I feel that it’s a tad overlong for this kind of thing at 55 minutes in length. The songwriting could also benefit from a few tweaks here and there, mainly in the riff department. However, these are only minor quibbles really, and this is still an enjoyable, nostalgic, (for me, at least), journey into heavy groove/industrial/cyber/nu-metal territories.

Give this a try out.

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