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Mindscar’s second album is a different beast to their first one, but no less savage. What’s Beyond the Light is both catchy and memorable extreme metal, confident in its attack and nuanced enough to have more depth than you might be expecting from such an in-your-face band.

Guitarist/singer Richie Brown tells us more…

Introduce us to Mindscar!

We are a three piece metal band from Florida with two albums out: Kill The King and What’s Beyond The Light.

What are your influences?

Nature and life experiences. Continue reading “Interview with Mindscar”

Mindscar – What’s Beyond the Light (Review)

MindscarThis is the second album from this US death/thrash metal band.

Mindscar’s first album Kill the King introduced us to their modern death metal, which incorporated a few different sub-styles into its recipe, making for an enjoyable album that wasn’t afraid to push the envelope a bit.

Fast forward a year, we now have their newest album to play, and it seems there have been some changes in the Mindscar camp.

The vocal style has changed; the deep growls Continue reading “Mindscar – What’s Beyond the Light (Review)”

Mindscar – Kill the King (Review)

MindscarMindscar are from the US and this is their début album. They play Death Metal.

This is an interesting release. The band play Death Metal that’s brutal and is not without technicality, yet also features a good amount of melodic and atmospheric sections and even clean vocals on occasion.

It’s a winning combination. The blasting brutality of the Death Metal core mixes surprisingly well with the more restrained, melodic parts.

The band seem to be talented musicians and there are no shortage of solos or technical wizardry.

The more atmospheric sections have the aura of Nile or Behemoth if they experimented with background clean vocals a bit more. They definitely have an exotic flavour to these parts and it’s great to see a band spread their wings to incorporate wide influences as well as the more traditionally brutal aspects of their sound.

They’re not afraid to show their Classic Metal heritage either, with a few riffs that would do Iron Maiden proud lurking here and there, albeit heavied-up some.

Sort of a cross between elements of Behemoth, Nile, Atrocity, Orphaned Land, Melechesh, Gorguts and Misery Index. Quite an eclectic mix in some ways when you see it written down, but when you hear it it all slots together quite naturally.

You’ve gotta love an Extreme Metal band who are willing to push the boundaries a bit. Kill the King fuses blasting extremity with melodic abandon and exotic atmospherics to great effect. Importantly they get the ratio correct. It’s mainly heavy and brutal, contains a good amount of flashy solos and leads, with the more atmospheric sections used sparingly for maximum effect.

Very good stuff indeed. Listen and enjoy.