In Obscurity Revealed – Grim Fumes of Revelation (Review)

In Obscurity RevealedIn Obscurity Revealed are a blackened death metal band from Mexico and this is their debut EP.

Something about the cover of this release just made it impossible to pass over for review; as soon as I saw it I knew I had to listen to it and write words about it.

So here we are.

So what’s all this about then, I hear you ask? Well, we get two tracks, 10 minutes, and lots of grim blasting.

In Obscurity Revealed play a dark, visceral blend of death metal that takes some of black metal’s malignant influence and makes it its own. These blackened elements infect the guitars and vocals like a virulent disease, twisting and warping them into something other than pure death metal.

Fast, dark and ugly; these two songs showcase the band in a favourable light nonetheless. These tracks strike a good balance between brutality and atmosphere and boast a strong sound that’s professional enough to do the songs justice, but not polished enough to sterilise.

I highly recommend that you give Grim Fumes of Revelation a listen. If the band can replicate this for a full album’s worth of material, they could have something quite special on their hands.

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