Windhand – Eternal Return (Review)

Windhand - Eternal ReturnWindhand are a doom metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Despite Windhand being one of the higher profile examples of this type of music, their split with Satan’s Satyrs was my first exposure to them. As such, it’s great to hear what they’re capable of with a full album’s worth of material to play with.

Speaking of, we get 62 minutes of music on Eternal Return. The band’s songs are atmospheric and fuzzy, filled with traditional doom vibes and heaviness infused with psychedelic witchery. Although I’d say that traditional doom is the bedrock on which the band’s sound is built, it’s adorned with all manner of 90s-esque alternative metal decorations, (alongside Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Electric Wizard, you can also hear Nirvana and Alice in Chains on Eternal Return, for example).

Building a layer of hypnotic repetition into their sound that works alongside the heavy riffs and psychedelic explorations, this is music to entrance and captivate, with earthy feelings and melancholic auras. The album flows from track to track, taking the listener along in tidal waves of heavy riffs and mesmerising filthiness. It’s good stuff.

The vocalist of a band like this pretty much always has to be a big deal, and the singer of Windhand doesn’t let the side down. She gives a strong performance, and her vocals form a considerable presence in the music, but without stealing attention from the rest of the band.

Eternal Return is an enjoyable trip into slow, heavy waters. These waters will pull you along with the tide, and by the end of your journey you’ll feel satiated with the kind of doom metal that you’ll want to revisit again.

Highly recommended.

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