Yob – Our Raw Heart (Review)

YobYob are a doom metal band from the US and this is their eighth album.

Featuring a colossal 73 minutes of music, Our Raw Heart is a marathon of emotively compelling doom metal. If you’ve enjoyed Yob’s music in the past, then get ready to experience some of the best they’ve ever offered.

It’s been four years and an almost life-ending experience since 2014’s Clearing the Path to Ascend. Although that album was a highly accomplished and ambitious release in its own right, one which delivered a gigantic slab of crushing doom immensity, my initial impressions of Our Raw Heart are even more favourable, and I haven’t even managed to listen to it anywhere near as often as its predecessor yet.

I’ve often said in the past that I really enjoy an album that feels like a journey, and Our Raw Heart is definitely one such release. While traversing this collection of songs it really does feel like you are being moved along a substantive and remarkably life-affirming pathway, one which has the ability to change and adapt as time passes. It’s a real treat, and the near-tragedy that powers and shapes this album has further exposed Yob for the real artists that they obviously are, (as if we didn’t already know this, of course).

The album is aptly titled, as the songs display a raw emotive intensity that’s quite staggering, especially when you compare them to the more facile songs of lesser bands. There’s a reason that Yob are widely considered to be at the very top of the doom metal hierarchy, but on Our Raw Heart the band’s material is just stunning.

From beguiling melodies to weighty riffs, the songs keep giving and giving. Lengthy songs are composed of traditional doom metal supplemented with sludge, stoner, and psychedelic influences that are included as naturally as breathing. As I have already stated, the emotional content of an album like this should not be underestimated, but Yob also know when to strip things back to huge heavy riffs and harsh vocals too. This album has many tools with which to reach its goals.

Our Raw Heart is multifaceted and layered with texture and rich content. There are seven songs on this exemplary album, and each of them have their own style, flavour, and consistency. It’s a substantial, weighty, and compelling album in every way. As much as I loved Yob’s work in the past, there’s something deeply special about this album. I would humbly suggest it’s the band’s most emotionally gripping and visceral album to date, and I urge you to absorb it completely.

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