Spirit Adrift – Enlightened in Eternity (Review)

Spirit Adrift - Enlightened in EternityThis is the fourth album from the US heavy metal band Spirit Adrift.

Up to this point, each Spirit Adrift album has been better and more developed than its predecessor. From 2016’s Chained to Oblivion, to 2017’s Curse of Conception, and then last year’s Divided by Darkness, this prolific act have only improved, and this is relative to the fact that they were already starting from a very good starting point. This upward trend has now culminated in Enlightened in Eternity; 46 minutes of METAL!

Spirit Adrift’s journey from doom metal, to hybridised doom/heavy metal, to outright heavy metal has been a compelling one. Enlightened in Eternity continues where Divided by Darkness left off, only with an more refined vision for what makes a classic heavy metal album.

This release is uplifting and melodically potent. The music focuses even more on an old-school approach this time around, although not at the expense of modern delivery know-how. The songs largely adopt a hard rocking approach and are jam-packed with catchy riffs and strong hooks. As a collection of prime metallic anthems, Enlightened by Eternity is hard to fault. I must mention the singer too; his vocals sound stronger and richer than ever.

After seven tracks of generally more upbeat and energetic metal songs than some of the band’s other material, Enlightened by Eternity closes with the 11-minute doom-filled throwback to their earlier work, which makes me a very happy bunny indeed.

Overall this is an extremely strong album, and once again secures Spirit Adrift’s place at the top of the modern-yet-traditional heavy metal pile.

Very highly recommended.

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