Monolord – Your Time to Shine (Review)

Monolord - Your Time to ShineMonolord are a doom metal band from Sweden and this is their fifth album.

After 2019’s enjoyable No Comfort, the band are back with Your Time to Shine, which contains 39 minutes of new material. Monolord know very well how to make this sort of music at this point. These five songs are satisfying and enjoyable. Combining heaviness with nuance, the songs batter your door down, before entertaining with a wealth of musical anecdotes.

70s influences are mixed with more contemporary ones on Your Time to Shine. Doom metal, stoner, and psychedelic rock all get a look in, all bundled together with Monolord’s charismatic delivery.

The songs are catchy and memorable, in no small part to the sterling melodies, infectious riffs, and well-performed singing. The five well-written tracks each have their own charms, whether this is an outright killer riff, a psychedelic space rock exploration, an atmospheric journey into darkness, or an emotive section that comes together just right. The band’s use of melody is impressive, and some of the leads in particular are quite affecting, especially when they work with the meaty rhythms guitars so well like they do on the album’s superlative title track.

Monolord have the fuzzy huge riffs, but they also have contemplative mood and nuanced emotive depth. This easily raises them above the bulk of bands that usually get tagged in some way as stoner acts.

Although I enjoyed No Comfort, I really enjoyed this even more. Your Time to Shine has to be my favourite Monolord album I’ve heard.

Very highly recommended.

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