Godthrymm – Reflections (Review)

Godthrymm - ReflectionsThis is the debut album from UK doom metallers Godthrymm.

Featuring ex-members of bands such as Anathema, My Dying Bride, Solstice, and Vallenfyre, there’s a wealth of experience underpinning this release, and it’s used well.

Here we have 55 minutes of doom metal, recalling the 90s UK doom metal scene in style and spirit. Although it’s essentially rooted in traditional doom metal, it’s darker and heavier than what most people tend to think of when that term gets used. For a rough idea of the band’s sound, think a cross between classic My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost.

The music has instant presence and gravitas. Mournful and melancholic, the guitars are steeped in feeling and negative emotions, powering the songs forward with powerful melodies and slow, considered riffs. An immersive atmosphere is created and held effortlessly, as the band craft songs that are both memorable and infectiously downbeat.

The vocals are emotive and characterful, delivering a slightly darker and rougher set of cleans than you might initially expect. The early Paradise Lost comparisons are apt once more as a reference point, although Godthrymm’s singer certainly has his own personality.

Overall this is a strong album of old-school doom metal. The expertise and experience of the band members shows, and Reflections is full of character and the sort of richly evocative music that’s quite addictive in its bleak darkness.

A highly recommended listen for fans of 90s doom.

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