Spirit Adrift – Divided by Darkness (Review)

Spirit Adrift - Divided by DarknessThis is the third album from the US heavy metal band Spirit Adrift.

Spirit Adrift’s journey so far has been an enjoyable and interesting one, from the doom metal lengthy epics of Chained to Oblivion, via the streamlined doom/heavy metal hybrid that was Curse of Conception, to now this latest album, which sees the band transitioning more fully to the heavy metal side of the aforementioned hybrid equation.

Boasting a warm sound that invites the listener into the band’s well-realised and fleshed-out world, the music has a three dimensional, textured feel. Mixing traditional heavy metal and rock influences into an equally traditional doom metal base, Divided by Darkness concentrates more on the former aspects of the band’s sound than the latter base style on this new album. Throw in some psychedelia, some catchy singing, and some memorable and enjoyable songwriting, and you have 42 minutes of song-based accessible metal to savour.

Providing the listener with a contemporary take on classic heavy metal, Spirit Adrift’s new album is a very fine record, and a very gratifying listen. I think this is probably my favourite Spirit Adrift album yet.

Highly recommended.

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