Wombbath – The Great Desolation (Review)

WombbathWombbath are a Swedish death metal band and this is their third album.

Ahh, Swedish death metal. You just keep giving and giving and giving, don’t you? It was 2015 when I last encountered Wombbath, with the very enjoyable Downfall Rising. This new album contains 37 minutes of the good stuff, designed to send any Swedish death metal fan into fits of brutal rapture.

With a compellingly addictive mix of old-school darkness, abrasive raw riffs, macabre melodies, and an overall sound like rolling thunder and revving chainsaws, The Great Desolation is roaringly good fun.

The vocalist has a great voice, and should be familiar to anyone into this kind of thing as he’s quite the prolific scene veteran, (Ashcloud, Henry Kane, Just Before Dawn, Ursinne, and others). As always, he sounds like he’s chewing souls and vomiting entrails, which is exactly what you would want from a band of this type, of course.

The album is replete with well-written songs, meaty riffs, and aggressively enjoyable content. In many ways there’s not much else to say about The Great Desolation – fans of the style will lap this up, others probably will not. The album does exactly what it sets out to, crushing, destroying, and maiming with ease.

Yep, how can you not love something like this? It’s time to fire up the chainsaws once more and get ripping.

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