Prolefeed/Henry Kane – The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility – Split (Review)

Prolefeed Henry KaneProlefeed are a UK grindcore band and Henry Kane is a one-man Swedish deathgrinder.

We last met Prolefeed on their very enjoyable split with War All the Time, and they open this release with a fast and furious 13 minutes of aural mayhem.

Savage, raw, and relentless, Prolefeed sound like an approaching storm of steel toe capped boots and rusty knives. Basically, you’d best get out of their way.

Prolefeed have a good sense of dynamics and songwriting for their ferocious, stripped-back style. There’s no frills or ostentation here; this is punk-fuelled, vigorous hatred, one that’s delivered with energetic enthusiasm and destructive glee.

The drums bang and clatter, driving everything forward, while the guitars cut like something serrated and dangerous. I must particularly mention the bass too, as this frequently wanders all over the shop, adding something quite special when it goes off on a tangent like that. As for the singer, his hardcore-inflected screams are utterly savage.

Yep, once again this band have impressed. Prolefeed do raw, atavistic grindcore very well indeed.

Henry Kane’s debut album Den Förstörda Människans Rike blew me away. Released only at the start of this year, it was a raging, Swedish death metal-influenced slab of grinding chaos, one which I still regularly blast out. I’m more than ready for some new material, however, so these 9 minutes are very well-received.

Well, how to describe this? For a start, the vocals alone…the man sounds like a monster! The music is a grindcore version of Swedish death metal, if you can imagine such a thing, and I’m pretty much in deathgrind heaven with Henry Kane.

This new material essentially picks up where the album left off, but if anything is even stronger. This alone should tell you something important, considering how ludicrously strong the album was. The recording is stronger too; thicker, heavier, darker, more monstrous. The album flexed its sonic muscles considerably, of course, but since then many hard workouts and a mutated strain of anabolic steroids have clearly been injected into the music; this sounds immense.

Well, as much as I enjoyed Prolefeed, this a different beast entirely. I love Swedish death metal and I love grindcore. Therefore, I also love Henry Kane.

A first rate split release. You need this in your life.

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