Elegis – Kultus (Review)

Elegis - KultusElegis are a Polish death metal band and this is their second album.

This is the follow up to 2017’s Superhuman Syndrome, and whereas that album was a solo affair, this new one finds Elegis expanded to a three-piece. Continue reading “Elegis – Kultus (Review)”

Heads for the Dead – Serpent’s Curse (Review)

Heads for the DeadHeads for the Dead are an international death metal band and this is their debut album.

Here we have another death metal supergroup of sorts from the always reliable Transcending Obscurity Records. Featuring the vocalist of the very tasty Revel in Flesh and the multi-talented Jonny Pettersson, (Ursinne, Ashcloud, Henry Kane, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath, and others), Serpent’s Curse gives us 36 minutes of horror-themed old-school death metal. Continue reading “Heads for the Dead – Serpent’s Curse (Review)”

Carnation – Chapel of Abhorrence (Review)

CarnationCarnation are a death metal band from Belgium and this is their debut album.

Carnation play old-school death metal, and on their debut album they offer up 48 minutes of the stuff to the death metal gods. Continue reading “Carnation – Chapel of Abhorrence (Review)”

Lichmistress – Singularity (Review)

LichmistressThis is the recently released first demo from Polish band Lichmistress, and it has made an impression!

At two songs and 10 minutes in length this sets the scene for the future as Lichmistress introduce us to their particular brand of brutality and depth.

As The Bowels of Darkness open, (see what I did there?), we get a deluge of filth and blasting, at least initially anyway. Brutality and pignoise vocals lead into an extremely satisfying breakdown-style section with some nice guitar squealing going on. I like the bass, and calmer segments also.

It quickly becomes apparent that the band have more talent than simply for bludgeoning the listener; they also show an appreciation for feeling and texture amongst the bone-pounding riffing and carnage. It may only be the first song but already we’ve had plenty of variety, some calm-amidst-the-chaos, melodic segments and a relaxed solo. Nice stuff.

Second song Serrated Blade Procreation fades up into a sexy, bass-heavy grinding riff before getting all kinds of grooves on in ways that would make Decapitated proud. Decapitated being raped by Cryptopsy with Cephalic Carnage standing on the sidelines just watching. Yes.

The quality of the guitars on this should not be underrated. Sliding and technical yet simple and catchy – a great combination.

The production is serviceable but could be better, but as this is a demo that’s to be expected and does not hinder the enjoyment of what are two exceptional tracks.

I can’t help but be extremely impressed with these songs. If they can keep this level of quality for a full album and combine that with a professional sound then their first full-length should be amazing.

Death Metal is alive and hungry.