Spawned from Hate – Promo 2018 (Review)

Spawned from HateSpawned from Hate are a UK death metal band and this is their latest release.

I enjoyed Spawned from Hate’s 2015 EP Accelerated Butchery, so it’s good to hear something new from them. This is a short release, containing only two tracks and lasting less than six minutes.

Elective Amputation wastes no time in getting down to brutal business with a choppy, broken set of blast beats and brutal deathgrowls. Very nice. The band’s singer sounds better than ever. The song is fast and precise, showing that these crazed surgeons have been practising their grisly art. Melody can be heard here and there, but it’s not long before this is strangled and the pure brutality takes over once more. There are some nice bass touches too now and again.

Hereditary Hatred is the band’s next offering. This starts with a slower, lumbering groove before introducing speed once more. This song has more of an old-school vibe than the previous track, in places at least. The singer’s growls continue to be very satisfying, as does the music as a whole, really.

This is a strong calling card for Spawned from Hate. Its seems that they have been busy over the last few years refining their sound; stripping away any inefficiencies and shoring up any strengths. The rather unimaginative title of this release tends to obscure the promise it has, and this is a band to keep an eye on in 2018 it seems.

Very highly recommended.

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