Interview with Tralineate

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Tralineate’s debut album Ike Antz Leap is an orchestral/progressive death metal album that’s well-written, creative, and obviously crafted as a labour of love. If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you give it a decent listen.

The man behind the band is named Chris Sanders, and he allowed me to delve behind the scenes of Ike Antz Leap. I just hope I didn’t keep him up… Continue reading “Interview with Tralineate”

Tralineate – Ike Antz Leap (Review)

TralineateTralineate is a one man death metal band from the US and this is his debut album.

Ike Antz Leap features 52 minutes of death metal with occasional progressive and orchestral flourishes. Continue reading “Tralineate – Ike Antz Leap (Review)”