Krosis – A Memoir of Free Will (Review)

Krosis - A Memoir of Free WillThis is the second album from Krosis, a deathcore band from the US.

Here we have the follow up to 2018’s Solem Vatem, and it’s a damn good one. While Solem Vatem was a solid, enjoyable release, A Memoir of Free Will finds the band levelling up in pretty much every area as far as I’m concerned. Continue reading “Krosis – A Memoir of Free Will (Review)”

Krosis – Solem Vatem (Review)

KrosisKrosis are a modern death metal/deathcore band from the US and this is their second album.

Krosis play thoroughly modern music that takes technical, progressive, and atmospheric influences into its delivery. Continue reading “Krosis – Solem Vatem (Review)”