Mouldered – Chronology of a Rotten Mind (Review)

MoulderedThis is the debut album from Colombian death metal band Mouldered.

Mouldered play violent, gruesome, brutal death metal. It’s uncompromising and ugly, just as you would want from this kind of thing.

The tracks are short and aggressive, taking influence from the classic jackhammer death metal style, alongside a healthy groove/slam influence. Chronology of a Rotten Mind smashes together elements of Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, and Dying Fetus to produce an album of belligerent homicidal intent.

Thick chunky riffs crash and crush, while blasting speed is never too far from the front lines. Slices of melody appear in the form of the occasional lead or solo, but for the most part it’s a mercilessly brutal affair.

The songwriting is decent enough that you easily get the impression that the band know their source material well. Theirs is a song-based approach, meaning that their verse/chorus structure is appropriate and effective for what they’re doing.

Lasting only 21 minutes, Chronology of a Rotten Mind is a solid slab of brutality. Check it out.

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