Elder Devil – Graves Among the Roots (Review)

Elder DevilElder Devil are a grindcore band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Keeper, (who play slow, crushingly heavy doom) – at just under 14 minutes in length, this entire release is shorter than some Keeper songs.

The, (very capable), singer is also in Cabin Fire, so this is a duo that isn’t without experience, and it shows.

If brutal, ugly, grinding hatred is your thing, (and you know it is), then this is for you. If you dig bands like Full of Hell, Vermin Womb, Nails, Unyielding Love, and the like, then this is for you. If you enjoy getting your face sanded off and then dipped in acid, then this is very much for you.

Graves Among the Roots is heavy, pitch-black, and full of malevolent delivery. It’s like listening to the aural equivalent of all of the various diseases and hardships that you’re going to suffer over your all-too-brief life.

Yep, these songs are extremely good at what they do. The tracks are long enough to contain a lot of different aspects of grinding brutality, but still short enough to get in, cause the damage, and then get out again before you realise what’s hit you.

Grindcore is the base style, played with nods towards both old and new. This is built on with crust and punk influences, adding a certain loose energy and infectious chaos to the mix. Finally, some feedback-drenched sludge is then thrown in, bringing a malignant darkness to the proceedings that would be absent otherwise.

The vocals are screamed and very strong, boasting personality, character, and power. They stand proudly on top of the murky, dense music. Clear and sharp, they cut through the tar-thick guitars and weighty drums with ease. The singer gives an intense delivery and a first-rate performance throughout.

Elder Devil are easy to like. That is, if you like this kind of grinding hardcore ugliness, of course. And you know you do, as why else would you be here?

Top work.

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