Unyielding Love – The Sweat of Augury (Review)

Unyielding LoveThis is the debut EP from UK grindcore band Unyielding Love.

Unyielding Love play ultra-extreme dark, blackened grindcore, and they sound pissed. This is noisy and littered with feedback and chaotic delivery.

Mix Discordance Axis, Nails, Full of Hell, thekevorkiansolution and Labrat together and you’ll be in the right filthy area.

The band have done their utmost to create a harsh sonic assault, and across these 20 minutes that’s precisely what they have achieved.

There’s variety here though, believe it or not. This is completely abrasive extremity, but within this the band do mix it up a bit, choosing different ways to flay your skin depending on what they feel like at the time.

From relentless blast beats to nasty noise workouts, from chugging heaviosity to free-form blackjazz, Unyielding Love do it all, and they do it with style and the passion of the fanatic. Songs like The Pregnant Hurt also show the band’s ability to create dark, post-metal doom workouts that build and mutate.

No, this is not your average, one-dimensional grindcore release, that’s for sure.

Vocally the singer growls and screams his way through the tracks. Both styles of vocal are extremely satisfyingly performed, and the singer has a top-notch voice for this kind of thing.

Sonically the record has a strong production, with the guitars sounding heavy and everything sounding clear, despite their noisy predilections.

Well, this is just swell. There’s so much here for fans of extremity to savour and enjoy it’s a veritable embarrassment of riches.

Best grind of 2016? So far it’s a tie between this and the latest Nails, I think. Just get both of them and blast them out at full volume, I say.

Essential listening.

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