Black Blood Invocation – Black Blood Invocation (Review)

Black Blood InvocationBlack Blood Invocation are a Greek blackened death metal band and this is their debut release.

After a rather ominous intro, we get three songs of ugly, bestial death metal that sound as if a blackened tar has been poured over them and left to rot.

The songs are grim and nasty, mixing black and death metal together into an unnatural amalgamation of foulness. With the venomous aesthetics of the former and the belligerent primal ferocity of the latter, these songs are enjoyable and satisfying, despite their unfriendly veneer.

Dripping with sinister and occult evil, this is corrupted, malignant death metal that is swamped with blackened bile and ritualistic intent. These songs are hymns to darkness, and an aura of hateful malevolence surrounds them like a miasma.

The songs are well-written and have a good amount of interesting touches and moods peppered alongside the more intense extremity. This could be a lighter, introspective part, or a broody slower section.

The band’s monstrous singer has the kind of illegible, guttural growl that sounds so feral it’s hard to believe it’s performed by a real person and not some chained beast. At least, I’m assuming here that it actually is a person, rather than something else…

I must say that I’ve enjoyed being exposed to Black Blood Invocation’s virulent strain of extremity. Here’s a band with a singular dark promise.

Highly recommended.


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