Vermin Womb – Decline (Review)

Vermin WombVermin Womb are a blackened sludge/grind band form the US. This is their debut album.

Due to my love of their first EP Permanence, as well as all things Primitive Man and Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, (who they share members with), this release has been highly anticipated by yours truly.

On Permanence Vermin Womb channelled the destructive essence of grind, death metal, black metal, sludge and hardcore into their utterly brutal and hateful music. On Delcine this is also true, but things here are generally faster and more savage than their first EP, emphasising the band’s death/grind/crust side, (although this isn’t to say their blackened sludge aspect isn’t well-represented too).

For an album to be this relentless heavy, negative and brutal, you just know there’s some serious hatred being funnelled into it. This is intense music, like a scathing whirlwind of bile and foul intent. From the pitch-black riffs to the angry drumming to the deep, ugly growls, Vermin Womb are the very manifestation of nastiness.

Oh yes, the vocals. Well, the singer of Vermin Womb/Primitive Man/Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire possesses one of my favourite growls ever. It’s just so deep, cavernous and all-consuming. On Decline his ferocious growls are amazingly delivered and he sounds utterly monstrous.

The songs on Decline are short and barbed, grinding out their dark misanthropic vision with relentless ugliness. When they’re not blasting you into oblivion the sludgy grooves are burying you alive with dense, distorted malice. The music of Vermin Womb is like an endless tsunami of vicious hatred, loathing and contempt crashing against you.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Essential for all fans of filthy violence.

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