Ion Dissonance – Cast the First Stone (Review)

Ion DissonanceIon Dissonance are a Canadian hardcore/mathcore band. This is their fifth album.

As one of the leading lights in the hardcore/mathcore/whatever scene, Ion Dissonance’s new album certainly has a lot of expectations attached to it. Of course, as you would expect, the band deliver.

This is 35 minutes of experimental extremity. Here is a band that refuse to be constrained by genre/sub-genre confines and instead push everything up to 11 and just fucking go for it the entire time. Elements of hardcore, mathcore, deathcore, metalcore, grindcore, djent…all of these and more are rolled into the band’s delivery, and the end result is an album that can peel skin at 100 paces even before a single note has been played. This is intense stuff.

If you’re new to the Ion Dissonance party – think bits of Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and Converge – essentially the leaders in individualistic extremity – and you’ll have an idea of where Ion Dissonance come from.

This is harsh extreme metal that offers the listener atypical, dissonant and angular metal that’s full of bile, rage and utter ferocity. It is, however, not without nuance or atmosphere in places, which pushes their aural assault much higher than it would otherwise be without these parts of their sound.

This takes me back to the late 00s, where mathcore was all the rage and it seemed like almost every other ‘hardcore’ band that released an album were plying something exciting and different. It should come as no surprise that Ion Dissonance were born out of this time. The style is, sadly, less common and popular these days in many ways, but it’s great to see a band like Ion Dissonance not only carry it on, but develop and refine it into the absolute beast that is Cast the First Stone.

Hot, scorching hardcore metal. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s bloody good and shows a band at the height of their considerable powers.

Essential for all extremity fans.

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