Thieves – LP I (Review)

ThievesThieves are a US hardcore band and this is their debut album.

Thieves play dark, violent hardcore. I can’t help but like this kind of relentlessly bleak and abrasive music. Over the course of 27 minutes Thieves abuse the listener with their brand of dark hardcore, which mixes elements of grind and black metal into its caustic mix.

With a main vocalist, two backing vocalists, and five guest vocalists across the album, this is an album that doesn’t hold back when it comes to vocal vitriol.

The same can be said of the music too – there’s absolutely no holding back here at all. This doesn’t mean full-on blast beats all of the time or anything like that – Thieves are more talented than this. The songs on this album mix it up with different speeds and paces; the common denominators are a dangerous sense of harrowing bleakness; grim, violent atmospheres; and more than enough aggression for the band to land repeated killing blows.

There are 16 tracks on this release; some short, some shorter. All of them show a talented and passionate band that are full of violent ideas and harsh creativity. There’s enough instant-impact meaty material on this album to get the juices flowing immediately, but even though this alone would probably be enough to keep you returning for more, the real draws of the music are the atypical elements of the band’s sound and the darkly emotive aspects of their music.

Even in their briefest moments, the band don’t throw in just any old riff. The music on LP I sounds both organically natural and studiously considered; basically, it’s very well-written to the point where it seems like it hasn’t been written at all. The intensity never lets up, the band just twist, warp, and hammer it into 16 different shapes.

Throw the likes of Converge, Nails, Trap Them, Dark Circles, Grieved, Attan, and Cowards into a pit of broken glass, watch them fight, and allow the victor to emerge only to cut them down savagely…Thieves are the aural equivalent of this.

Or something, you get the idea.

This is great. Just get it.

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