Leeched – You Took the Sun When You Left (Review)

LeechedLeeched Leeched are a hardcore band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Leeched play violent, aggressive hardcore that’s shot-through with punk, crust, grind, and powerviolence influences.

This is brutal, dark music that revels in the bleakness of life and has nothing but disdain and contempt for modern existence. It’s impressively heavy, with the oppressive guitars absolutely crushing.

The band’s grinding hardcore is devastatingly wrought, combining pinpoint aggression with nihilistic rage. Raw and harsh, this is music that’s intense and punishing in its delivery.

The songs seem to be torn from a primal state of pure violence and shaped into weapons capable of mass bloodshed.

Crawling out of the underground to destroy the light, Leeched have managed to create 34 minutes of utter mayhem, carnage, and destruction on this album. However, as impressive as that would undoubtedly be on its own, there’s also an undercurrent of dark, grim atmosphere infecting everything here. Sort of an urban nightmare brought to life via the band’s unending rage and despair at the state of the world. This is at least partially achieved by some of the pseudo-industrial elements that appear here and there, like a harsher version of Godflesh, in a way.

A virulent, filthy mixture of bands such as Nails, Sunlight’s Bane, Seeker, and Vermin Womb, You Took the Sun When You Left is massively enjoyable for anyone into this kind of ugly extremity.

Get this.

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